Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using Natural Addictions Growth & Rejuvenation Hair Oil

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Natural Addictions Growth & Rejuvenation Hair Oil

Here at Natural Addictions Hair and Beauty, we know that they are a ton of growth oils on the market that promise extraordinary hair growth in short amount of time. Our product Creator, whom is a licensed natural hair care specialist & educator,researched to find the best organic  plant-based ingredients that were proven to provide hair the vitamins & nutrients that promote healthy hair growth.

Here are ten reasons why you should use natural addictions growth and Rejuvenation oil:

  1. It’s  all natural. Our hair growth oil formulation is made with all natural plant-based organic ingredients. There are no synthetic additives. Parabens, sulfates,or colorants in the ingredients of all Growth Oil. Our completely natural recipe only contains botanical based ingredients whereas a lot of hair oils on the market contain mineral oil.
  2. It contains horsetail, which is rich in silicon and cystine acid. Both are essential elements necessary for healthy hair infrastructure. Horsetail is an excellent ingredient to promote healthy hair growth, rejuvenate and stimulate hair follicles, and prevent hair loss. Horsetail is also a natural astringent that helps stimulate blood vessels in the scalp, which in turn, increases circulation and reduce dandruff. Horsetail also contains vitamin E, iron, copper, sodium Cobalt and iodine.
  3. Our Growth & Rejuvenation oil Contains Rosemary. Rosemary has been a herbal staple in hair care for centuries. Rosemary not only stimulates your hair follicles but it also stimulate your senses with is aromatic scent. When mixed with other essential oils such as lavender, basil, sage, and cedarwood , they mingle together to start the healing process of many conditions that cause hair loss. Rosemary’s natural astringent properties aid in cleansing the scalp and stimulating the roots of hair to promote healthy hair growth.
  4. Another main ingredient of our growth oil is peppermint. Peppermint naturally contains menthol. Menthol has a cooling and soothing effect. Peppermint has natural antiseptic properties that helps clean and remove embedded oils on the scalp. Peppermint also leaves your hair with a  refreshing clean and tingly feeling. Peppermint contains magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, and vitamins A & C.
  5. One of or staple ingredients is castor oil. Castor oil has been used for more than 5,000 years as a natural beauty & health remedy. Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids use to moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp. Castor oil has amazing humectant and emollient properties that help moisturize & smooth the hair cuticles.Castor oil also has excellent healing properties and traditionally is used after shampoo and conditioning.
  6. It contains olive oil, which is often referred to as liquid gold in the hair world. it has great benefits for every hair texture due to his excellent emollient properties which provide hair with moisture. elasticity, and shine. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids which help nourish the hair follicles as well as, aid in restoring and rejuvenating the scalp and hair. Olive oil also helps soften hair strands while reducing frizz. Olive oil is an excellent natural ingredient for treating dry hair and scalp.
  7. Natural Addictions Hair & Beauty’s Growth & Rejuvenation oil contains one of the world's best natural hair detanglers, marshmallow root. Marshmallow root is a natural hydrator for hair that helps repair and detangle hair strands. it contains natural mucilage that binds to hair strands to help detangle, condition, and add a natural barrier to protect hair from everyday environmental toxins. When mixed with another natural additive, licorice root, it helps soothe scalp conditions like dandruff and helps combat premature balding .Licorice root also is excellent for soothing dry and irritated scalps.
  8. Our growth oil contains lavender, which is a natural cell rejuvenator, antibiotic, antiseptic, and astringent. Lavender is useful and calming a itchy, irritated scalp. While acting as a calming agent, it also stimulates the cells in the scalp to rejuvenate. Lavender also offers a beautiful fragrant, aroma which is used worldwide in aromatherapy as in natural relaxant.
  9. The base of our growth and rejuvenation recipe is grape seed oil. Grape seed oil is known to be very light and thin, this enables the oil to quickly absorb into skin cells. It is excellent for strengthening the hair cuticles due to it being filled with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and omega-6. It is excellent in reducing flaky scalp due to seborrheic dermatitis.
  10. Natural Addictions Hair & Beauty’s Growth & Rejuvenation oil is a natural plant-based infusion of essential and organic oils that research shows can thicken hair and stimulate healthy hair growth. Our growth & rejuvenation oil contains ingredients that will assist in detangling and soften hair strands. It can be used as a hot oil treatment and/or a protective barrier for hair when used before using a hair dryer.

Now that you have all the reasons, give it a try!