Chamomile: More Than A Tea...Four Benefits for Hair and Skin Care

Chamomile: More Than Just A Tea...Four Benefits for Hair and Skin Care

Chamomile has been used as a medicinal remedy for centuries across Asia and Europe. In the plant
world, it is part of the Daisy family. Roman and German Chamomile are the two most widely used
species of this plant. The dried petals and leaves have been widely used as a tea consumed to ease
stress and anxiety due to its assetative and calming properties. Chamomile essential oil, teas, extracts, and powders
are very popular in hair and skin treatments, perfumery, and aromatherapy. Chamomile is one of the
oldest, most documented, and used plants in the world and is ranked as one of the top five traded
herbal plant in the world due to its medicinal and pharmacological attributes.

Here are four benefits of chamomile for hair and skin care:

Chamomile has been shown to moderately  improve skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis
when used as a topical treatment. One medical trial even citing it to be 60% more effective than
hydrocortisone when used several times a day. Clinical research has supported the topical use of
chamomile for wound healing acceleration. Chamomile is cited to help speed up the healing of
wounds with its antimicrobial properties even more effective than healing a wound more effective than
topical steroids.
Chamomile posses the natural property Levomenol which is a natural anti-inflammatory and
moisturising agent. This is why it is a popular ingredient added to skin care. It’s calming and soothing
properties help reduce skin irritation and redness in conditions such as sunburns and even diaper rash.

Chamomiles’ anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make an excellent ingredient for hair care.
These properties help reduce scalp irritation and dandruff. When chamomile tea is used as a final
rinse, it can soothe an itchy scalp and bring life to dull looking hair strands by adding nourishment and

When chamomile is used in aromatherapy, research has shown it reduces anxiety and stress. In
holistic health, the body as a whole system and emotional stress can cause disease. Stress and
anxiety are the cause of many hair and skin conditions due to the fact that it caused protein loss from
hair and skin cells. Inhalation of chamomile essential oil has been to noted to help relax the body and
mind for thousands of years. Its stress relieving properties have been calm your thoughts and relieve
insomnia. In several writings from physicians, during the 16th & 17th centuries, documented that after
giving their patients a drink of chamomile tea, they fell into a deep sleep.

No matter how you decide to use this therapeutic plant, the benefits of chamomile are endless.
Whether it is used in haircare, skincare, or aromatherapy, remember that chamomile is more than just
for tea.

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