Benefits of a Scalp Massage For Hair & Scalp Health

Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Hair and Scalp Health

Who doesn't love a good massage to help you unwind from the stresses of the day and especially a relaxing scalp massage. For some its one of the best parts of a hair appointment. Anxiously waiting to sit in the shampoo chair, just so you can feel your stylist or shampoo girls fingers go to work. But did you know that a scalp massage doesn't just help you relax? It offers many other benefits for healthy hair and scalp and here are a few:

A properly implemented scalp massage helps improves circulation and increases the blood flow to the scalp. Therapeutic massage boosts nutrient supply which is essential to the health and growth of the hair follicles. When blood circulation is improved the oxygen levels to the skin are increased, which aids in skin suppleness and elasticity. During the scalp massage, healthy nutritive organic oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, and avocado can be used during the scalp massage.  Organic oils aid in healthy hair growth and conditions the scalp. The use of organic oils also assist in keeping the hair strands from becoming dry and brittle. In addition to organic oils, a few drops of essential oils can be added as a corrective remedy for hair loss. 

A 1998 research study conducted by the Department of Dermatology at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland concluded that participants that used a scalp massage that included jojoba and grape seed oils mixed with lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, and thyme essential oils. Participants of the study were evaluated over a period of seven months to study the effectiveness of aromatherapy for the treatment of alopecia areata (a hair loss condition). The results of this study indicate that massage for hair loss with essential oils is an effective treatment for the condition of alopecia areata.

In additon to promoting healthy hair growth and scalp health, therapeutic scalp massage also promotes sound sleep and calms the mind. The rubbing (enflourage) and kneading(petrissage) motion during a therapeutic scalp massage helps relax the nervous system and reduces stress hormones. During the scalp massage, organic carrier and essential oils can be used to help promote relaxation such as peppermint or lavender. 

Another supplemental benefit of a scalp massage is by increasing the circulation to the scalp it aids in relaxing the nervous system which can help reduce headaches, tension, and anxiety.

Research has shown that 90% of people that have headaches are related to muscular tension, eyestrain, posture, and ligament strain. Chronic sufferers can benefit from scalp massage preformed by a licensed individual to help find relief from tension headaches.

In conclusion, there are many benefits for health and beauty that a scalp massage offers. It's undeniable that the soothing circular motion is relaxing and now we know that a therapeutic scalp massage is excellent for overall scalp and hair healthy. So no more feeling guilty about enjoying a scalp massage, its good for your health.


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