Five Ways to Prep Your Natural Hair for Winter

Five Ways to Prep Your Natural Hair for Winter 

It's that time of year, the cold arctic winter air is upon us and not only does our skin need special attention but our hair does too. Cold and dry air can cause your hair to become dry and brittle which cause breakage. There are ways that you can prepare you hair for the rigid temperatures to ensure that you hair strands remain moisturized, hydrated, and healthy throughout the winter season.
Here are five ways that you can prep your natural hair for the winter season:

1- Deep condition your hair more frequently. Cold weather makes hair more prone to breakage.
The purpose of deep conditioning your hair is to smooth and strengthen the hair cuticle to allow it to maintain moisture, increase elasticity, and increase shine. The more elasticity your hair strands have it enables you hair to be styled and manipulated easier, which minimizes breakage. During the winter months, you should add deep conditioning to you healthy hair regimen more frequently to help your strands combat the cold, brittle winter air.

2-Make sure you seal those ends. This helps lock in moisture and creates a natural barrier from the harsh elements.
After you wash and condition you hair, make sure you seal your ends with natural hair loving oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, or olive oil. Sealing your ends helps create a natural barrier that helps protect your strands from the harsh elements.

3-Make sure you give those ends a seasonal clip. This make styling and de-tangling easier and believe it or not it aids in healthy hair growth.
Regularly clipping the ends of you hair helps you get rid of split damaged ends of hair strands. There is nothing that you can do to salvage split ends but trim them off. Split ends start at the tips and move up the hair strands if you don't cut them off. Getting a regular trim helps aid in the healthy hair growth process.

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4-Wear a protective style. This helps you protect your hair from the cold harsh air and lessens the amount that you move and manipulate your hair strands.
Protective styles are talked about a lot during the summer, but they are just as important to protecting you hair strands in the winter months also. Wearing a protective style during the winter months helps shield you hair from the harsh, brittle air and elements and helps in retaining moisture.

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5-Eat foods that are high in vitamin and mineral content. A healthy diet is key to maintaining and aiding in healthy hair growth no matter the season of the year.
A healthy diet no matter the season is essential to healthy luscious looking locks. What you put into your body reflects through your hair and skin. You hair is made of protein so you should make sure your diet contains plenty of it. Protein strengthens your hair shafts and helps to prevents breakage. Your diet should also include foods that are high in iron, omega-3, vitamins A, C, and E which all aid in you having healthy-looking hair all year round.

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