Avocado Butter & Oil for Healthy Hydrated Skin

Avocado Butter & Oil for Healthy Hydrated Skin

Avocados are known to be one of the best natural ingredients on earth. The flesh of this fruit is good for more than just a delicious bowl of guacamole. When you use this biologically vitamin packed ingredient it helps hydrate all skin types and protect it from environmental damage. Incorporated in your skin care regimen its benefits are endless.

Avocados are native to Central and South America and have been cultivated for centuries. Highly regarded by the Mayan Indians for its extremely nourishing content and considered to be essential to keeping the body’s joints moving properly and to keep their skin young and supple. It has also been stated that the Mayans used the oil from the avocados to help shield their skin from damage from the elements such as the wind and sun. Avocados have been called super fruit due to its high content of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This fruit is naturally nutrient-concentrated due to it containing over 20 vitamins and minerals. It has long been noted for its benefits if consumed but it is also beneficial when used topically in skincare. Avocado oil is one of the few organic oils that’s composition is similar to the natural secretions of skin cells.

Avocado Butter and oil is made from the seed or “pit” of the fruit. Avocado seeds are packed with antioxidants and free radicals that are essential to healthy skin. The expressed oil nourishes and helps maintain an even healthy-looking skin tone. Avocado oil and butter has been used in cosmetics and skincare to heal dry, flaky skin. Due to its high content of hydrocarbon and vitamins A, D, and E, avocado butter can help relieve eczema. Avocado Oil also contains vitamin K, potassium, and copper. Its amazing healing and soothing properties activate when applied directly to dry, irritated skin. Avocado oil and butter is also rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that aids in skin-cell renewal and minimizes age spots and blemishes.

After washing your hands or even your body, use avocado oil or butter to help form a protective barrier over your skin to help it retain moisture. Retaining moisture is the key to keeping your skin nourished and elastic which helps prevent wrinkles. Make Avocado butter or oil part of your daily skincare routine and watch your skin glow while reaping all the wonderful benefits of this super fruit.

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